The Descent Into Darkness..... 4
My eyes are blind, I'm deaf and dumb,
I can't unwind, I'm overcome.
My limbs are numb, my mouth is dry,
I want to run, I want to cry.

"The darkness wraps, around my soul,
The shadow traps, my heart's a hole.
I'm filled with dread, I'm filled with woe,
I'm half-dead, there's nowhere to go.

"The shadows rise, above my head,
My life is lies, my life is dead.
I see the end, I can't look back,
I feel the dread, I'm going black.

"In solitude, I stand in space,
No loving soul, no loving grace.
I've lost all hope, I've lost my mind,
My life is broke, I've lost my time.

"My life is still, a frozen scene,
A bitter chill, an icy sheen.
My heart is numb, my thoughts are bare,
I feel no love, I feel despair.
My soul is weak, my body frail,
My world is bleak, I start to fail.

"The sky is gray, the ground is bare,
My life decays, my soul is bare.
My mind is blank, my eyes are blind,
I feel the rank, of bitter wind.

"I feel no joy, I feel no pain,
Time is a toy, I feel no gain.
My life is stale, my thoughts are void,
My heart is pale, I'm unemployed.

"My heart is cold, my soul is numb,
I feel no gold, I feel no hum.
My world is dark, I see no sun,
I'm full of stark, I'm overcome.
I've lost all trust, I've lost all care,
My life is dust, I cannot bear.
© Ebenezer