Void of Time
Tick tock goes the clock,
Tick tock, it's time to take stock..
Tick tock I see the time passing,
While I try to understand the hints,
And mature my understanding,
of the adulthood meanings.

Tick tock goes the clock with my anxiety,
I'm depressed and I have a lot to say,
How long it takes the path to find clarity,
And tick tock, how long this pain going to stay?

Tick tock goes my life, one turn per day
How long life's turn going to last?
I'm looking for the answers, controlling my habits,
And I hope this tick tock don't go too fast.

Time don't know how to wait
And keeps going away,
Like sand between our fingers.

We don't have time to waste,
Don't let your life fade,
Trapped on the void of our past.

© Nate's Pen Still Works