I dont really know how to act or what to say but how I do its never the right way
It feels like a curse
To mess up this much
To rely on my person to a point where he's my crutch
To complicate things
Complicate things in every situation even involving physical touch.
i can't seem to find myself
To find who I used to be
Myself who could make others laugh and not only them happy
I just have to keep looking for the cure to this curse
Some way to stop it before it gets worse
I wish I could erase this curse that haunts me every day
That made me lose my identity
And hate myself in every way
Its eating me alive and if I don't get it to stop
I'll feel souless like a prop.
He fell inlove with me for who I used to be
Some fun happy person who filled him with glee
Who was strong enough to hold his problems aswell as my own
But this curse has gone too far and if it carries on..I'll be left alone
This sickening disease thats not only hurting me
© Thesaddneedpoet