There is no end to our accomplishments

My accomplishments..
It's more sentiment.
I still have more to come, perhaps a seat in parliament.
My accomplishments are more character building.
I've become a better human being rather than material weilding.
When it comes to processions, well I failed in that area.
But I'd rather switch places with a child that's starving in some 3rd world country that has malaria.
I try not to waste food because in my heart it's a sin.
Too many kids dying because there isn't enough so I consider my life a win.
While they starve, I'm throwing rotted food in the bin.
I hate the fact that people resent others just because of the colour of thier skin.
I hope to break those boundaries without getting hit in the chin.
Maybe perhaps, make those that think that way will someday become my kin.
It's not about material items. They tend to not last.
It's about mind set and evolving from our wrong perspectives from our past.
I don't personally belive that anyone is better than anyone and we should get rid of social cast.
My biggest personal accomplishment is seeing life as precious and can end abrupt.
"Half full..", is what we all should saying when we look at our cup.
"Only time anyone is above anyone, is when they are lifting then up."
We need to teach these values to the ones just starting out as cubs.
Time is short. I wish I could go back to the days my aunty Sita would say it will be OK while giving my back a rub.
Or the days watching my baby neices and nephews playing in the sink using it as a tub.
Back when I would be surrounded by loved ones living life at the pub.
Take heath, for our time here on earth is rare so engrave your accomplishments in stone.
So I try to live without regrets and do whatever great things life has to offer and don't do it alone.
If you are, don't hesitate to contact me and give me a phone.
I've lived 10 lifetimes so ask me and I'll direct you into the zone.


© venkatjamespersaud