To Everything There Is A Season


To Everything there is a Season


The Stars are Shifting
Times are now Changing
A New Horizon Begins
Where another one Ends
Everything Changes
Nothing remains the Same
In unbounded Chains
We take on that New Name
This New Demand
That in order to Grow
We must always Know
Sometimes the Vine needs Pruning
Or a good Retuning
For maturation to Occur
For a Brighter Future
So even though Tears
May follow for Years
We Learn to Accept
What we have Left
And move on with our Lives
To success as it Thrives
Things will work Out
As we all go About
Our Separate Ways
To better Days
And Sometimes
Maybe in passing Rhymes
We'll again say Hello
And remember how hard it was to let Go


The dance of time,
In the dawn of a new day,
We will hit the road again,
With dreams to chase.
Through trials we walk,
The thread of courage,
The growth is in the unknown,
Where one sows seeds for change.
Even if the road may twist,
And challenges we find,
With each step we endure,
Pure flexibility.
Every interior has an end,
A new journey rises,
Hope is our guide,
It's a tide.


Everything there is a season
Giving us a reason
All we have is reading
Impact we make reason

Time waits for no man
All things are destined by God each time
We just knew this world had time to leave
Everything will be alright
In time of quest life
Never waste your time on unpleasant things
Impacts made today can never be forgotten in due season we need to think deeply and make life simple
Everything to their season


A life I've lived of agony, with regret always consumed by the pain. Though the world around me could heal, it was because secretly, their pain I did steal.
It was my power, the one I wished for and I knew that there would be consequences.
I didn't fathom that it would be like this though.
All the pain that I stole was then left for my soul to bestow, yet I kept it all for myself, I couldn't give it to no one else, in this process internally I killed myself.
Driving you from me but unable to see it was everyone else's pain that caused me to put a wedge between you and me."
Being the last words he would speak yet the first time he felt such a release.


With a reason season Change
All life has its highs and good times
All life has its lows and bad times
No matter how hard, give it a try
Don't give up, don't give in
You gotta work hard to earn
You gotta fight harder to win


*To everything there is a season,*

A time to laugh, a time to reason.
In spring, new life begins to bloom,
As flowers burst forth, dispelling gloom.

Summer brings warmth and sunny days,
A time for adventures and seaside plays.
The world is alive with vibrant hues,
As nature sings its joyful tunes.

Autumn arrives with a colorful show,
Leaves falling gently, painting the world below.
A season of change, a time to reflect,
As we gather the harvest and show respect.

Winter brings a blanket of snow,
A time to cozy up and watch it glow.
The air is crisp, the nights are long,
A season of stillness, where memories belong.

So cherish each season as it comes,
Embrace its beauty, let it stun.
For in the cycle of time, we find,
That every season has its own unique rhyme.


To everything there is a season,
A time for every purpose under heaven.
A time to plant and a time to harvest,
A time to mourn and a time to dance.
A time to embrace and a time to let go,
A time to laugh and a time to cry.
A time to seek and a time to lose,
A time to keep and a time to give away.
A time to search and a time to accept,
A time to remember and a time to forget.
A time to live and a time to die,


In everything there is a season,
When to work hard and when to relax,
When to play hard and when to rest,
When to strive and when to confess.
When to dream big and when to stand small,
When to stand tall and when to take a fall.
When to laugh and when to cry,
When to say hello and when to say goodbye.
In everything there is a season,
In life we should learn and listen well,
Each season has its own unique lesson,
And with each season we all should dwell.


~To everything there is a season~

In the spring, the world awakes,
With blooming flowers and babbling lakes.
The sun shines bright, the days grow long,
As birds sing their melodious song.

Summer arrives with a burst of heat,
Beach days and ice cream treats.
We soak up the sun, feeling so free,
Creating memories, just you and me.

Autumn paints the world in gold,
Leaves dancing in the breeze, so bold.
We sip warm cider, by the fire's glow,
As the air turns crisp, and the winds do blow.

Winter brings a snowy delight,
Blanketing the world in pure white.
We build snowmen, and have snowball fights,
Snuggle up with loved ones on cozy nights.

Each season brings its own delight,
A symphony of nature's might.
So let's embrace each moment, my friend,
For in every season, joy knows no end.


In everything there's a season,
Each moment has its place,
A purpose, a meaning,
In life's great human race.
And so we must embrace,
Each moment as it comes,
Each season that arrives,
With all of its suns.
We'll face each day,
With courage and joy,
We'll weather the storms,
We'll find our true employ.
For every moment,
There's a chance to start anew,
And so we'll strive,
To make our dreams come true.


In every season, we have a choice,
To embrace it with joy, and with one voice.
To live each moment, with all our might,
To know that in time, it will come to light.
That in every season, a lesson is taught,
Of love and hope, that can never be bought.
So let's live each moment, with all our hearts,
And when the season ends, we'll know where to start.
To begin again, with a new one tomorrow,
And learn from each season, how to borrow.
The joy and the sorrow, the love and the pain


To everything, there is a season.
I love the smiles on your face knowing I am the reason.
Knowledge is wisdom.
This life is fleeting.
Fill in the voids,
happiness is in giving.


*To Everything There is a Season*

A time to laugh, a time to weep,
A time to wake, a time to sleep,
A season's turn, a reason's rhyme,
Life's symphony in measured time.

A time to plant, a time to reap,
A time for quiet, a time to speak,
Nature's dance, so subtly fine,
To everything, a season's sign.



The loses we took
Loved ones we lost
Tears we shed
Scars we bear
To everything there is a season
The hugs we had
Smiles and joy
Days we prayed never end
Cos of the happiness we felt in that moment
To everything there is a season
If only we live with optimism
If only we could see the light at the end of the tunnel in the dark
If only we hold on steadfastly
Onto hope ,onto fate and destiny
Realising life is all about evolving
Knowing time and season's shows the beauty of life
Shedding out the old skin for something new and beautiful
They say Fortune favors the brave
I think fortune favors those who wait.

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