Who it was
The lovers knew the love,,
And what the other thinks,
Yet but didn't utter a word,
Let the silence sink,,

The wait for who we'll be first
To confess how they love,
Young age they both had,
And waiting ages above,,

Yet timed had its rules,
Or a worse plan for the love,
The lover got responsibility,
She got a white dove,,

Dove of hell limitations,
denying her love,
Sinking in her teary eye
clean and white was the dove

In the dust was working lover,,
Relentlessly all night,
He had to win the bread
He forget about the bed,
Don't they now meet that much
It gave to
Rise of thought
"Is the love dead? "

Now she started going away,,
Was what the lover thought,
Lover felt something odd,
Lover got a family my friend,
Lover got too apart....

Suddenly came the silence,
Flew away the dove,
Working all the night for hunger,
Flew away the love.....

Time and silence played there role,
Prefectly parting love,
She was not aware,
Nor he was with his soul....

Lover thought time it was,
She thought it was silence,
Truth it was the hunger, the family,
And the resulting violence....

Voilence of likes, the voice of heart,
And the soul which was murdered,,

The lover left his soul behind
Started to live as men
So now, what then
Relentless working all the night
Barely sometime seeing light
Barely sometimes he really smiles
To show he is not dead

But the maiden waits
For him to say a word
she waited for ages
For the lover return.............

© ak_writes