With or Without you
One day when you leave ,
I'll be fine, I'll survive.
I'll live by your advices,
making you part of my life.
Recalling the compliments I know you'll give,
acknowledging my worth.
Assuring myself with words I know you'll give,
keeping myself on the right track.

If one day you go against me,
in case you betray me,
I'll be okay.
I know I will,
even if that means every words you gave me were lies.
I know at the end of the day,
I have me.
If you are to be the angel in disguise,
I'll find my way, I'll figure it out.
I'll know what actions to take,
who to trust.
I'll be fine,
cause I have me.

I have me,
I'll alway remember this.
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