Africa my Africa,
A continent that has no replica,
Filled with abundant resources and nourishments,
Populated with people, of great achievements.

Africa my Africa,
Your black beauty makes me marvel,
Your morning breeze,feels cold, as the antarctica,
I have no reason to be a rebel,
You've coloured my face, with your natural beauty,
You've made me understand, and know my duty.

Africa my Africa,
No other continent will feel like home,
Not even Australia nor Asia,
Because you are my dome.

Africa my Africa,
Indeed you're a continent with no replica,
No matter how far I'll travel,
I'll always remember your warm cuddle,
Because it's you,who made me today,
And a day spent with you, feels like paradise,
Even on a vacation or holiday,
I'll never miss your beautiful sunrise.

Africa my Africa,
Oh indeed, you're like no other.

© agwunobi Sophia