until then...
I believe he is coming
the one whom I always wanted
the guy who is just perfect for me
a guy who I don't need to change
a guy who is written for me.
I have this feeling that he is here already.
feeling that everything is happening for me
stars are aligning
I am really excited to meet you.
I can't wait to love you with my whole heart
I can't wait to embrace you in my arms.
I believe the time has came.
You love me
I love you
Even if this poem doesn't make sense to you
It's not a poem
It's my own real fairytale
I am ready for this
Life is really short
I don't want to spend a single moment without you
We will have a great time
I will keep writing about you
I wish one day, I make you read these without any regret
Until then
Take care
and I'm there for you. Okay?
Please hold on. We are meeting super soon.