Fire is not made for water
"Fire is not made for water."

He was the sea, better called the ocean.
while I was the sun, and in every tide wave during the afternoon, we always collided.
But even if we were near, we were always far from one another. They said we were beautiful, but it never felt more than that.
Because of his water and waves, it can drown and kill me, and with my light, I could hurt or possibly burn him.
Fire and water are never meant to be together.
If only I could sacrifice my light, I would choose to hug you if I had a choice to die, if that was the only way I could see you eye to eye, feel your wave floowing in my arm as I look at you, and say goodbye, but even that is forbidden, and I could only look at you with tears in my eyes as you go near the sand of your life. I'm just here to light and guide you in her arms. I can't be with you even if I force it to be done, and you can't ever feel this tide light and wave because you have her, that girl you've always dreamed of being forever. Yes, we are beautiful when we have each other, yet we can't be together, and we are never meant to be forever.

© strawberieperl