Enigmatic Her
Thriving in chaos
She herself is a mess
Nerdy look...tangled hair
Captivating smile
Definitely Not a barbie edition
She is a Sherlock Holmes character
Longing for freedom
Yearning for wings
Not a simple girl everyone can handle
Hating hopeless eyes
Her heart is full of faith
Every single strand of her hair
wants to flutter in the wind
She respects boundaries
And hates restrictions
In the era of romance
She is an astrophile
Scared of the darkness and unawared of the idleness of universe
She herself is a void
Not a attention seeker
But she wants to be discovered,
Admired and cherished
She want her flaws to be loved
Her insecurities to be her strength
Someone who could accept her the way she is
Having anger issues but not a filthy heart
Very bad at expressing but good at observing
Looking for other end of the red thread tied to her tiny finger
She believes in love
And waits for one
Lives in solitude
She is a creation of tranquility
Full of mystery
Kind of enigmatic....

© intrepidwallflower