Scream my name
The candlelight
lit up the room
Roses petals on the
She comes dressed,
In black, her dress
Perfectly fitted her
Curves, her eyes
smiled, he was eager
To strip her off,
But, she started teasing
By giving a quick kiss on
Her lips and showing off her

He came closer
With his intoxicating aura
As their breaths mingle
When she touched his
Lips, a flame of passion
burning sensation ran
Through her bones.

The clothes on
The floor, naked bodies
collide like planets
Who destroy themselves
To experience something beautiful.

He took her in his
Arms, his eyes meeting
Hers, as their lips devour
Each other and,
Their hands travelled to
Unexplored & hidden places
They were lost in finding the
Treasure, deep inside
like a traveler he explored her
And loved all her unlovable parts.

And in no time
The passion takes control
In this lustful eyes,
A flame arises.

The room is filled with
His wild dreams
Her moans
Bodies heated,
As they become one.

The magic of his fingers
That ran all over her body,
And in her pussy
Deep inside
He licked her clitoris
And sucked her, till
She released her white
Cream. Her eyes
begging for more
As he fucked her
Hole, she was drenched
In him, a wild & powerful
Love making.

© alpha Stella