Burn the Butterfly 🦋
They can't stand her freedom , with cages they chase
Thye can't stand existence , firey words to set her ablaze
She knows her time yet she blooms many eyes
She's been called many names like myth and lies
Pity for those who try to mask her originality
She floats like none other and moves calmly
Tho she seems peaceful, her wars only she bled more
She had to paved way gor others , she was the first to open doors
A day to live she'll teach to each second how to exist
Look at her patterns and how much evil she has resist
Villain have come , villain left with good stories
Friends visited , Friends left with blackening her glory
You'll never tame this uniquely beauty for many have tried
Look how greacful she is , never down always high
No matter which winds , rains visit she'll win
Even if they try to Burn the Butterfly

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