Lilac minutes
buy your self a few more lilac minutes
forget about your breaths
let it fall how it will
cascade gracefully to it's end
beauty can be found in anything
if we can just pretend

roll in the meadows
think everyone's your friend
for no one would walk so lovely
with such bad intent
bide your time by playing dumb
because are they worth your time?

these lilac minutes are so so nice
but can be so hard to find
we will ride the tide like it's neap
even when we are weighed down
by heavy, soaking sleeves
there is no point in haste

let's dance in the lilac haze
and break time itself
weaving through the memories
our brain stacked away on shelves
we can be anywhere we want
when we let it take us over

we can have a few more lilac minutes can't we?

but our boat crashes into the cliffs
propelled by the waves and their arrogance
let's just sing along as they turn our boat over
let's pretend we're on their side
the wood cracks and distorts
but I still won't bat an eye
let's just laugh as we fight the tide
let's wear our lilac minutes like we won't run out of time
© angel_ap