I'm not used to this
It's something I can't describe.
That impending feeling of doom I get when I receive a text from you,
I remember how in the past, I'd feel the happiest on earth when I received a message,
but recently I'd just cry.

Everytime you text,
I end up in a hurdle and crying.
Holding my table for support,
The feeling overwhelms me too easily,
knowing all this hurt is because I couldn't keep up my walls 2 years ago.

Too busy for love, that's what'd I call you.
You say I can talk to you, but I really can't.
You say you're gonna talk if you want to, but God knows you won't say a word.

Everytime you text me with such a dry tone,
A tone direct enough to light up a cigar,
I thought we'd go far, now look where we are.

Everytime we talk I want to cry.
I want to cry and express all you make me feel.
You once said that it's your duty to make sure that your sunflower is okay, but hun, you're the one trampling over the flower in the garden and the petals keep falling each time you try go outside.

I cry when we talk, why darl
What have you done to make me hurt so much?