*MY FOREVER* ( Brett Marcus Makore)

When I found you my forever Marcus ♥️
I discovered the true meaning of love,
I always thought it was a choice till it never gave me a chance to choose,
I always thought there was the right time to fall in love ,
till it showed me non of it matters ,
Surging torrent love just came unannounced
It' became everything I never chose
Just a unique current
That I can't master or control ,
I surrender to it without a fight ,
That's how I recognized the overwhelming feelings I have for you Brett ,
It scares me to death but still want to dance with you ,
At times I just want to run away from you at the same time still wants to run into your arms ,
It's crazy right???
It all hit me at once ,
It's sad to swallow the bitter pill of jealousy that I wasn't your first many been there with you 💔
I hate it honestly especially when you mentioned Aliyah whatsoever it was about I felt as if a knife has been twisted inside my heart,
This is one of the thing I never chose ,,
Strings binded to the others 😭
I hate things am not supposed to hate
but mostly my heart ,
The tragicomic wheel of fate which laughs at every single step I take ,
But still it is what it is
Love is always winning over me,
I wonder with time if anything will ever change ,
If my heart will make you a history ,
If the trapped heart will free itself,
Your love will do the rest,
As every chapter starts with you and ends with you ,
I will always love you till the end of the moon 🌚 🌔 🌕 🌖

© Munashe Mapati