For all of time
Someone has asked you a question,
That feels far too personal,
It's only a first impression,
You might be completely wrong and irrational.

But within that tender inquiry,
I sense a spark, a glimmer of curiosity,
A chance to dive into depths unknown,
To uncover secrets, to call them my own.

Your eyes, they hold a universe untold,
A symphony of emotions waiting to unfold,
In this fleeting moment, a connection so rare,
I'm tempted to reveal my soul, to dare.

Yet caution whispers softly in my ear,
Reminding me of the risks that appear,
For love is a dance of vulnerability,
A delicate balance of trust and possibility.

But as I gaze into your searching eyes,
I see a reflection of longing, no disguise,
And in this fragile exchange, I find solace,
A sanctuary where our hearts can embrace.

So let me answer your question, my dear,
With words that transcend uncertainty and fear,
For in this vast, unpredictable space,
I've discovered a love that time can't tear.

So ask me those questions, dive deep within,
Let's unravel the layers, where love begins,
And together, we'll paint a portrait divine,
A love poem, forever cherished, for all of time.

© poetic.mind__
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