Shattered Reflection
A container with a neck so narrow,
Filled to the brim with a complex emotion,
Shot through my heart with an arrow,
As the light in my eyes felt erosion.

Turning the negativity to laughter is my specialty,
Transforming a frown upside down,
However, my humour was seen by many as cruelty,
Perhaps they were right, that I should just shutdown.

One tiny joke resulted in disaster,
My intentions were clearly misunderstood,
If only my rationality came in faster,
Now I hide in my hair like a hood,

Like glass, one trigger immediately shattered,
His voice echoed, "it was all your fault,"
And as the gleeful smile faltered,
Keeping my composure with my feelings in the vault.

But, as the water works flowed like rivers,
Inside my enclosed haven, I hid for the millionth time,
As my whole body felt the shivers,
Regretful, I kill myself for my crime.

© Hungry Pillow