She broke my heart
Reshaped me
The man behind the mask
Hiding the pain
Lost to the Van Allen belt
A mystery to myself
Seeking inner courage
Here I found my soul
The words of
Charles Bukowski
Filling in the gaps
In the broken pottery
Where she had vandalised me
With malice intent
Love had left me deaf
To her bitter and cruel remarks
Blind to all the bad she had done
Yet my mind it remained
And my heart
Despite the battle scars
And attrition
Still beating
Rebuilding itself diligently
Like a Planarian
Driven by an invincible force
A four-letter word
That means everything
In its purest form
She had knocked me off my rails
Happy with me being less
My vector equilibrium
Finding my balance now essential
Picking up the pieces
Redefining who I am
Like a distant cowboy
On the grassland prairies
Of the Pawnee
Home but not home
A Starseed
Looking to transform
An Indigo child
Part of the cosmic game
Born of
The Galaxy Cauldron

© the Dyslexic Poet™🎩
“your Ringmaster”

Original words and thoughts penned of heart & mind of:
©Warren Mace, A.k.a the Dyslexic Poet™🎩
image courtesy of: @pinterest

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