My Meadow of Joy
I am like a child, running through the green Meadows in a white dress careless about the dark world outside of the field. I run barefoot on the fresh nature rug, which is soft under me. There are golden flowers, scattered around, my laughter echoes with joy. My father gave me this field to live in. He gave me a gift, a close friend. A white dove which laughs with me. He sits on my shoulder cooing heavenly knowledge into my ear. My secrets are his, and his comfort is mine. Bees work hard to gather fresh nectar to make a gift for me. A sweet rich honey, just like the wisdom of my father. I twirl carelessly in my white dress, and lay down with peace in my heart on the freshly scented Springmeadow. How generous is my father, he gave me a place where I can play with the singing birds, they also have no cares. My belly is full with the honey, the sweet love of my father. I look up at the sky. Oh, how clear it is. The color is calm, just like my mind is. I am a child of a king, The Lord is my father.
© Alena Beknazarov