"History's Tapestry: A Dream's Mystery"

Under the moon's silent glow,
I boarded a train with windows all aglow.
Each pane reflected the cosmos' dance,
Setting the stage for a mystical trance.
Passengers diverse, from ages long,
Kings and queens and their cultural song
Amidst them stood my mother's royal grace,
A queen of poise, a gentle trace.
Beside her, my father, a king profound,
Wisdom etched in every line, love unbound.
And I, their child, a princess serene,
In this dream-like tableau, a world unseen.
The train's voice, a rhythmic hum,
Echoed through carriages,beat a thrum.
Chanakya's counsel, a sage's lore,
Guided rulers through challenges of yore.
"Princess,"he said with a knowing smile,
"Leadership demands both cunning and guile.
But never forget integrity's worth,
A kingdom built on honor lasts on earth."
Ashoka, reflective, sought peace's trail,
In conversations quiet, his soul's travail.
"Compassion," he murmured with eyes closed tight,
"Can heal nations torn by strife's cruel might."
Akbar and Birbal, laughter and wit,
A playful banter, a timeless skit.
"Knowledge is power," Birbal said with a grin,
"Yet laughter's wisdom is where true victories begin."
Jodha Bai, regal in solemn thought,
Embarked on missions only she sought.
"Strength lies in purpose," she softly declared,
"Even in times when paths seem unbearably hard."
Kalidasa's verses, a symphony in the air,
Wove stories of love, loss, and care.
"Poetry," he mused, "is life's truest art,
It reveals the soul, binds heart to heart."
Buddha's presence, serene and still,
Brought tranquility, a calming pill.
"Seek peace within," his gentle voice sighed,
"For harmony blooms where compassion resides."
Maharana Pratap's valorous tale,
Inspired courage in a soldier's mail.
"Defend with honor," he thundered with pride,
"For freedom's flame never dims when bravely defied."
Mirabai's bhajans, soul-stirring and deep,
Filled hearts with devotion, promises to keep.
"Surrender to love," she sang from her soul,
"For in devotion's embrace, the heart finds its whole."
Stone-age workers, with sinew and stone,
Built futures from sweat, history sown.
"Every stone laid," they whispered in rhythm's beat,
"Is a testament to humanity's enduring feat."
Amidst these scenes of timeless lore,
A British soldier, knocking at the door.
Colonial echoes, a twist in time's thread,
A reminder of history's shadows, heavy as lead.
Yet amidst the twists and turns profound,
My parents' love, a fortress around.
Conversations whispered, wisdom shared,
In this dream, a journey beyond compare.
As dawn's first light kissed the sky,
I awoke from slumber, with a sigh.
Though a dream, its lessons so clear,
In my heart, they remained near.
For in that train of time's embrace,
I found solace, love, and grace.
A princess loved, a soul set free,
In dreams of time's vast tapestry.
© soumya.tiwari