How does one get stuck? I used to think it wws impossible to get stuck in life just find a new path to walk but now I understand and my case may not be the same for you as all humans are different but If you can relate to my problems I hope you are able to find your way. Stuck, Braylon now what do you mean you’re stuck? I mean I dont know where to go next like a mouse in a maze I go as far as I can and turn around before I can reach my cheese at the end, its like you know its possible but it feels so impossible that you trick yourself into believing there is no way there, its like you get so far on the general path of life and then it comes time to choose a path and while this is easy for most for me it isnt, this is because I have too many options too many paths I can take and in fear of choosing the wrong path I just sit and slowly walk back and watch as all the steps it took to get this far on path are wasted, grades slip , start skipping class, start smoking and drinking, start deteriorating as a human. And its always so easy for people to tell you to get it together but how is that possible when every time you take that step forward your back to where you were your right back there forced to choose a path and so like the mouse you turn around and walk back.
© Joshua Parks