Search of truth
In search of truth,
I traveled through different worlds,
created with philosophies and experiences,
wisdom of the old souls.

In the quest for clarity,
I explored many narratives,
presented with different scenarios,
influenced by historical realities.

We all have our convictions,
motivated by upbringing and traditions,
creating some confusions and contradictions,
that might bring about some friction.

So, I wondered...
which path is legitimate,
that's easy to follow and explain,
without being doubtful and uncertain.

The way of modernity has its benefits,
things are with proof and understandable,
but there are things unexplainable,
which makes this journey incomplete.

I am nothing but a seeker of knowledge,
gathering informations as a learning process,
being bound by social and materialistic obligations,
taking time out for deeper contemplation.

But isn't it's true for all of us,
when we are in tune with the world,
setting aside our personal issues,
ask questions, a calling of soul.

© Dr. Manish Rout