Knocked Sense Into Me
I have reread everything I've written.
All of a sudden,
They aren't about them,
And they were always about You.

Even when I didn't know you,

I always knew you.

I will always want to write
About You.

I listen to songs with a different ear
because it's as if the lyrics and the melodies
are finally in my language
And now,
I can finally hear them.

Maybe one day,
I will learn the science to songwriting,
And Maybe
My heart will sing for You,
If I just love You forever.

I see all the colors
And they are so much more vivid.
I color in rainbows and pastels.
Sometimes metallics too.

I love the colors of mermaids and unicorns.
And that's more than okay to you.

Because you know
I love pretty things.
But what you don't know,
is that's what you are.

I love the way that you love me,
It makes me see the Beautiful and Rare
Because that's what you are.
You, very much, truly are.

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