The absurdity of altruistic alienation amuses almost
In the cosmos, where stars brightly gleam,
lies the absurdity of an altruistic dream.
A selfless heart, in isolation's embrace,
amuses almost, a paradox to embrace.

Like a comet's trail across the midnight sky,
Altruistic alienation, a ponderous why.
For in reaching out with hands so pure,
One finds oneself in solitude, secure.

The laughter of the universe, a cosmic jest,
As altruistic souls pursue their noble quest.
Their alienation, a spectacle to behold,
amuses almost, a story ages old.

Do ponder this celestial sensation,
The absurdity of altruistic alienation.
For in this paradox, a truth we may find,
That in giving selflessly, we enrich humankind.
© Simrans