Truth Is
Truth is you're always on my mind.
I haven't gotten over you, not even close.
I still stretch out my arm reaching for you at night.
I wake up with the taste of your name on my lips.
At the most random times I feel the ghost of your touch on my hips.
I smile and turn my head, but you aren't there anymore,
You're just a memory, a dream turned into a nightmare
A neverending nightmare filled with laughter and joy.
You haunt me with your absence and taunt me with your presence.
So close, yet ever so far out of reach. My reach.
Seeing you happy tears me apart and brings me joy,
It's all I ever wanted for you, but with me. Only with me.
I still wonder where it all came apart, when did I lose you?
I don't remember looking at you and not drowning in love,
I thought you'd always be there to keep me afloat and weather this sea of love.
But now you're no longer mine, you're the wind to his sails.
You glide through these torturous waters and I drown still,
My heart still beats for you, he may have yours but you've still go mine.
Turn around and you'll see me waiting, waving you over, beckoning you closer.
With a smile on my face with tears streaming down my eyes
I'll love you till my lungs give out and my heart stills
Because truth is you're still on my mind and
I'm not over you, not even close.

© Savage love poetry