Take Me Back
Take me back to the time when i was 13 when there were no scars on my back
When world was beautiful
Where happiness actually existed

Take me back to the world
Where my love one's are not leaving me like trash cans left in bins
Where it's easy to fall in love
The place where I am not scared to fall

Take me back to God
Who loved me unconditionally
Where sleeping on the carpet of mosque
Was the best sleep
Where he use to be my friend
With whom i can share all my sufferings

Take me back in the football fields of dps
Where I am running after football
Where I am not scared to be myself
Where the weight of my bag was heavier than my heart

Take me back to my home that use to be far from here
Where peace existed and anxiety was not there
Where the greatest fear was my home tutor
Who use to come at 7:00
Where my bestfriend use to be my cousin
Who never ditched me when i was i need.....

Take me back to the time
Where I am alive.....
And where love is the most beautiful feeling......

© poethesis_