unrequited love

In the depths of a heart, unrequited love resides,
A curious lover, yearning for love's sweet tides.
With each beat, a longing, a silent plea,
To be seen, to be cherished, to be set free.

The moon whispers secrets of love's cruel game,
As the stars twinkle, spelling out their own name.
But the lover, unseen, remains in the shadows,
Lost in the darkness, where love rarely follows.

Yet, in this tale of love's bittersweet strife,
There lies a beauty, a lesson for life.
For in the pursuit of love, though it may be in vain,
We discover strength, resilience, and gain.

So let the words flow, like a river's gentle stream,
Painting a picture of love's elusive dream.
With each line, capture the essence of desire,
The yearning heart, consumed by love's fire.

In 2000 words, let your emotions soar,
Tell a story of love, unrequited and more.
And remember.