The Last Smile
The leaves are rustling in a husky evening,
The sun is drowning slowly in the grim of twilight.
It's the reign of darkness that makes things mysterious-
You lay quite to the stary sky.
The glimmering Stars shinning bright in your eyes,
Filled with dreams of own imagination.
You never spoke a word but revealed a lot with those unsaid words.
The breeze that touches my face feels ephemeral
There's never a bridge on which you stand but slowly fade,
The first touch, your only memory, your nevertheless words.
A slight haze on my lashes and you disappear in mist.
Wanderers may never find you
The everlasting sighs , the endeavouring thoughts
The only relief is your heart which I occupied once.
The last leaf has fallen, the last flower has bloomed.
It's only silence that stays, remaining constant always.
Ashes like sorrows everywhere choking my throat
It's hard to breathe without you.
The clumsy sleeves of your sweater, the once and only call I heard
Was never to return, the warmth of your hug,
The only thing I adore is your last smile...

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