Comparison kills us!!
For God's sake, don't compare your children with anyone,

that child starts hating themselves and gets irritated with the person with whom they are compared to,

Due to which they are compared with, if other was their good friend then cracks start appearing in their friendship and jealousy starts building in her heart even without wanting it

She starts thinking that she is useless, no one cares about her,

There is nothing good in her,

Then she slowly starts getting depressed,
Don't put too much pressure on your child, it will make them a different person.

She tries to improve herself but fails to succeeds.

And hearing taunts every day,
She starts doubting herself that she is worthless.

And then when parents ask why you guys not talk to each other, what do we answer them? That it is you who have created jealousy in our hearts?

There is no competition between any child and another's child. God has made everyone perfect.

Comparing your child with their siblings or a fellow, who is better than them in this an enmity would generate between them.

Comparison kills us from inside.

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