Dear Eyes, Vision is a Notebook
Dear Eyes,

As I sit down to pen this letter to you, I am reminded of the profound metaphor that vision is a notebook. Your unyielding gaze has been the blank pages on which my life's story unfolds, each blink etching new memories, dreams, and aspirations on the canvas of my existence. Just like a notebook, you capture every detail, every hue of emotion, every line of experience with unwavering precision.

In the depths of your irises, I find solace and reflection, a mirror to my soul's innermost desires and fears. Through your windows, I see the world in all its beauty and chaos, each image a chapter in the narrative of my being. Your lenses, like pages turning in a cherished book, guide me through the landscapes of reality and imagination.

May you always remain the sacred repository of my past, present, and future, a testament to the intricate dance of life written in the language of light and shadows.

With gratitude and admiration,
© Simrans