When perception becomes increasingly blurred
and words spoken are barely able to be heard.
It seems as if the world has little more to offer,
until somebody catches your eye that does differ.

At first seeming without merit or sense of being,
but upon a second glance to see a certain something.
Beneath the skin of a placid and smooth surface,
waiting for destiny to give it direction and purpose.

Something simple as a smile or a helping hand,
maybe trying in your own way to perhaps understand.
The reasons behind decisions which people make,
so that things might be better for everyones sake.

Being either rich or poor,divided into two classes,
separated by hunger which does afflict rhe masses.
Gathered together in protest of a senseless system,
that changes might be made to solve every problem.

Though things tend to happen not as quite expected,
and the differences that are made often go undetected.
Lost amongst a multitude of desires and emotions,
which cover our world like bountiful blue oceans.

© Renopoet