Biggest regret
It was a dim and dull morning as asual everyday,
but suddenly it got sparkles with text of one girl as she was saying something which impressed me like hell,
both started texting, hours in clock changing ,but our talks were getting more intense,
she made me believe she was the girl whom i was looking for,
suddenly she told me one secret which made me felt sad and shatter my imaginations, and I was harsh on her that time,

but it was around eveng ,i realised my mistake and told her sorry and as she was so pretty and sweet hearted girl she came again and our talks got began,

it was in night and we shifted our chatting area to somewhere and i felt nice as she texts like small girl with innocent behaviour,

suddenly, something happend in me and I hurted her like hell, her cute face got laden with sadness, and i guess she definitely thought that i was as ordinary as other men,

she decided to quit from everywhere ,and she left to the soo far ,where no one can reach,

now am struggling to get that cute small girl back, but I don't know where she lives ,I don't know how to contact,

am searching for her every nook and corner but without positive result,

I don't know when I would get the chance to tell my apologies to that unique girl!

Until and unless I tell her apologies, this would be my biggest regret in life....