Love is common ground
Love is understanding
Emotion by diction what could be meant.

Love is why you yearn
And forever wish to deserve to earn
Piece by puzzle you look to learn.

Deuces to bruises and blueses
Love heals him so
So so within pain no longer has a home.

Love is health
Death to death
Love lives on even after the fact.

Love hates to lose
Love turns to hate to deal with loss
Hate subsumes love and love is lost.

Love is brave
Risking it all and probability be damned
When might to test it floods like wave
Love behave!

If it’s meant to be love will be
Love feels right
If it’s meant for me
I’ll need never fight.

Love is called upon
It’s sought out to sort out
When hate spawns love won’t be long
It will be where it belong.

Love is surreal
You wake feeling like a dream
But it’s so real
It’s a deal, kiss to seal..