Wolves In Sheep's Clothes
Ladies be aware of the so called men that are speaking for you. You might take it as he sees you and is speaking up on your behalf. Oh don't entertain these men or a broke man can't do this or that. or what you should accept or not accept. A pimp does the same thing. But he had an agenda. The words sound appealing and like they have your best interest at heart. But think to yourself when he was in the guy's position that he's warning you about he didn't have the same sentiment. It's to eliminate the competition. A dude with aa 💰 using the 💰 to lure you in.They need no character, integrity, genuine interest to attract you. Just A car , 💰, shiny trinkets, labels and brands to allure you. Wether a man had money or not shouldn't be a concern it's he's character, what he wants in life , his work ethic and Integrity. All those attributes will get money and he won't use it to attract you. Just FYI
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