I Don't Know
Mind 🧠 :- hey, can i ask you something?
Heart ❤️ :- ya sure
Mind 🧠:- Are you in a relationship or single?
Heart ❤️:- I don't know
Mind 🧠:- If you don't know then who knows?
Heart ❤️:- Seriously I don't
Heart ❤️:-I am in a relationship with a long wait,
But if I end that wait then I am not in a relationship.
Mind 🧠:- so why are you waiting
Heart ❤️:- because m afraid
Mind🧠:- Afraid for what ?
Heart ❤️ :- Afraid for hurting myself again
Heart ❤️: Afraid for loosing myself again
Heart ❤️: Afraid that after all my efforts I will not be able to keep him happy .
Heart ❤️: But at the end I need my man back in my life
Mind 🧠:-Hey plz Don't waste your emotions, if someone not understand your feelings,because now a days emotions is more precious than the time
Heart ❤️ :- Hmmmm.........