Breaking free
Beneath the weight of water's embrace,
Darkness surrounds, a quiet place,
In depths where silence reigns supreme,
A soul begins to chase a dream.

Ripples of doubt, they twist and turn,
Lessons of life we start to learn,
In shadows deep, we seek the light,
Guided by hope, through endless night.

A heart submerged, yet burning bright,
With every stroke, it fights the fight,
Emerging from the ocean's hold,
A story of courage, brave and bold.

In liquid prison, strength we find,
Chains of fear, we leave behind,
Breaking free, we rise above,
A testament to self and love.

Journey uncharted, path unknown,
Yet in these depths, we’ve truly grown,
For in the struggle, we become,
The heroes of our own anthem.

Breaking free, a soul reborn,
A journey marked by waves and sea,
In the dawn of a brand-new morn,
A tale of self-discovery.
© Simrans

image credit@yqwritersway