The perfect daughter
I'm so sick of this
One moment your happy next moment you scream at me.

You say all you want is to be there for me but I don't see it .
You put up this act for everyone to see and then come treat me differently.

I don't get it.
What did I doo,what did I say?
Am I not good enough for you that you have to treat me this way.?

I try and try so hard but nothing is ever good enough.
I put up a smile for everyone to see but really it's you who's killing me.

Everyone is better, everyone does the right thing, but when it comes to me I'm a mistake.

You say you sick of always asking me to do things ,but I'm really just trying to keep up with commands.

It's so exhausting to want to be The perfect daughter for you ,but you never see me I'm never good enough, I'm never right and I hate it.

I secretly hate me.