The Way Ahead
117:4.10 The great challenge that has been given to mortal man is this: Will you decide to personalize the experiencible value meanings of the cosmos into your own evolving selfhood? or by rejecting survival, will you allow these secrets of Supremacy to lie dormant, awaiting the action of another creature at some other time who will in his way attempt a creature contribution to the evolution of the finite God? But that will be his contribution to the Supreme, not yours.
The Way Ahead
A day to sing our hearts again.
To perform we do intend.
The choir meets and we will sing.
We intend, Good Cheer, to bring.

Make this world a better place.
It’s obvious we need more Grace!
Problems that we all must face.
After all we are one race.

We all rest part of the day.
We all eat and breathe and play.
We all search for what is best.
We differ in how we express.

What’s best for one, is not for all.
We must mature or we will fall.
Your legacy will be remembered.
Have you been blessed or well defended?

Do the right thing, build your soul.
To be most helpful is the goal.
Do that next best thing you can.
Find ways to sing within God’s band.

Let your voice in life be heard.
Light your life, espouse God’s words.
Repeating in your special way
The message you received today.

Thank you, Father, I behold
The day ahead, I’ve yet to mold
The way, in fact, this day unfolds.
As I decide, the way turns gold.
Paul Anderson

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