Desegregate Me

Desegregate me

I wake up everyday in a world where I feel colors are imbalanced on a balancer.
Black and yellow are just minorities to you, but if you take off the scales off your eyes it's something just as simple as five shades of black and grey. You say that we're all the same color underneath at the end of the day. You untangle your hair and blow it out to show your Indian, but every time you verbalize a comparison and contrast diagram in my face aloud it's convincing me to see the world is, like the law and it's as clear to me as black and white, because with your kind the racist thoughts, the racist actions, and racist prompts won't even allow you to desegregate me.
If we're truly just as one, then come on and desegregate me.
This isolation from my family we're not cool anymore.
We're not the same, because my hair is still like a box spring. When it's overgrown it's as thick as a carpet, coiling round and round, like a psychedelic spiral, a marigold round.
Like a hook to a song it feels it's weird way through, and it comes back down to the scalp like a boomerang, whenever wherever you try to press it down it just sprouts upwards like the truth that has been undercover too long and now is better in the heir abundance of light. Top tier with every curl , like a favorite, but chosen tribe destined by the blood of the Lamb to desegregate me from his life.
There must be something more why we're on opposing sides of the battlefield, for instance you identify as an Alfa white female, and well, for the fact that I have black, white, and yellow in my family tree and am also a young driven black male, I only appear to be an Alfa, so you disrespect me, because you want to empower your own to believe that this is the way it should be to trample over the last born and all because you don't want me to see you need to make me an undesirable useless unknown untrustworthy underdog that needs to understand that I am undeniably unwanted behavior because now I stress to understand that this is just the beginning why you don't want to desegregate me.
We share a common sense of understanding, so we're alright with this.
Desegregate me.
I am waiting for you to take responsibility for your own, because you're grown, and you got to know.
Desegregate me!
Because segregation doesn't have a form of respect for religion, saving me.
Uniform rainbow butterfly earrings, is it so unnecessary or just wild beyond unbelief for a boy to uncontrollably lust for his own heart and chase it like a lover boy?
Because I don't recall the time nor the operation of order more orderly now to unhinge my mind.
Come upon me, like the holy Spirit.
Saving me from this stained glass with crystal balls that don't look forward only back, that would cause me to burn in our calamity for you to desegregate me in the past few days or months before the dawn where I only seem glorious when I am down facedown and overwhelmed with the lies that I can only be acceptable if I am going through with warfare and finance.
I don't love the logic, it's just not fair to suffer for someone else to desegregate me.
You trade me over for anything, and anyone just so you don't have to suffer with the daily rain of your life going overtime in mourning. I start to gaze in the mirror and see why nothing is greater, and your inner circle is smaller, but filled with the conviction why he is never here to tell you to your face just how much I hate you.
You're driven to make me humble.
Watching me stumble in the mess you've collected, and refuse to do except refocus and redirect to me.
I have nothing else to make fun of when I am all alone, but you can't play the victim this time, and you're too late.
Stop trying to destroy me in your master plan to separate me from the land of the living. Don't act baffled as I am notifying you to serve you notice that you are illegal to me as I am to death roll . You want to completely sift my image, but saviour my very best imagination to hold over me for a similar simple scenario your situation delivering your own soul through stealing what is within mine.
In a way I am not too far away from your foundation of insanity, but I have to know that we're all just a little insane.
Fear is only in our minds, taking over all the time. Fear is only in our minds but it's taking over all the time, so suffice, desegregate me off the blacklist. Show me that you are there.
Why don't you desegregate me, show me that you are not heaven bound?
Desegregate me.
Deliver me from the sickness of eternity without, and within barbed wire.
Desegregate me.
Save me from the trial of men.
Desegregate me.
Desegregate me.
Desegregate me.
Before December slips away.
Save me of the cross.
Deliver me into the marvelous light.
Deliver me into the place of tranquility that extends to the earth and exceeds the sixth heaven I need to know if I am real for more than roadkill or a death sentence by the grand jury.
Somebody save me!
Wrap around your arms and pull right through me.
Save, come on , and save me from the dark.
Desegregate me.

Authorship by Mr Dashaun Rashod Snipes
©Mr. Dashaun Rashod Snipes

© All Rights Reserved