In Memory Of Brandon Castleman
Brother, I have lost you in the vastness of time,
In the labyrinth of memories that now refuse to chime.
The bond we once shared, like a fragile thread,
Has been severed, leaving emptiness instead.

You were my rock, my guiding light,
We laughed together, fought, and took flight.
Through thick and thin, we weathered the storm,
But now, my brother, you are no longer warm.

Life's currents swept us on different shores,
Our paths diverged, we are strangers once more.
The innocence of youth, oh how it fades,
Leaving behind regrets and unspoken shades.

Brother, do you recall those days gone by,
When we dreamt of soaring high in the sky?
You were always there, a constant presence,
Now your absence fills me with a bitter sense.

We were bound not just by blood, but by heart,
Yet, somewhere along the way, we drifted apart.
Silence, like a heavy fog, surrounds us now,
Words left unsaid, intertwined in a solemn vow.

Memories of laughter echo in my mind,
But they’re now stained with the bittersweet kind.
Oh, brother, how I long to bridge the distance,
To mend what's broken, rekindle our existence.

But life moves on, its rhythm beats unyielding,
And the past, no matter how fervently appealing,
Remains distant, fading into the realm of lost,
A connection severed, a priceless cost.

Brother, I have lost you, but cherish what was,
For the memories we shared, the bond that was.
Though time may have etched its mark, erased our flame,
You'll forever remain a whisper of a cherished name.

Written by William castleman 2/7/2024
© All Rights Reserved