"Fantasy To Win"
In the domain where dreams take off,
A dream intense, a directing light.
Murmurs wind during that time's delicate racket,
An orchestra of the spirit, a fantasy to win.

Through shadows cast, desires rise,
Touching off stars in 12 PM skies.
Fortitude carved in each attempt's twist,
A tenacious pursuit, a fantasy to win.

Challenges dance, a storm's hug,
However, flexibility sprouts with beauty.
In the maze of preliminaries, where expectations start,
Arises the soul, a fantasy to win.

With wings of direction, the heart takes off,
Exploring storms, embracing the evening.
On the material of destiny, where tones slight,
Paints the brushstroke of a fantasy to win.

No tune sweet, no triumph little,
In the woven artwork of dreams, we stand tall.
As sunrise unfurls, another part inside,
An unwritten adventure, a fantasy to win.
© Rajan33