The madness of hollow nature
The Darkness consumes the balloon like red rooms. It blooms in infamy, but the lie seems of symmetry.

The detestful nature. The creature that resides behind those cruel eyes The furious tears the life of spears The destruction of the condition.

It's mad and hollow, voices speak of piers. And dry tears And the lies sells you fears As it appears destitute. But not resolute it's a salute that rebukes the truth, Those eyes hide many lies.

In kind Voices They tell you the story That's full of glory till the clock is ticking and toking and Needle strikes twelve o one And the lie begins again.

The deep shall sleep with no peep but creeps with one eye open. It doesn't seem real.
But it's real to the touch. An illusion of electrons Repelling and attracting But no contact Just a reaction with no traction But just action factions.

The eyes Retract With conditions It is a no-go zone. For the destitute. of the star sees so far Down that road. Holds only one way For them to stay But the path is wicked When you can't see past the yellow star.

In the darkness, it consumes those red rooms
The past is the shadow, and it reflects the tiny light of night that repeats the creature that resides behind those cruel eyes. The past will always remain the shadow that always burns when we never learn the Concerning nature on the condition. It is mad and hollow..........
© @David_vs_a_word