how South America gangster pawn system target at a Christian 's work four years
Chapter one __ target at my bus

Get up at 5:30

Waited for bus one hour

Driver ' Om' took passenger's order and money

Never appeared

Pawn system orientated

If you call bus but driver didn't appear

Besides you input wrong pick up location

Another reason should be

Cyber attacker comes from south America technology gangster

Your next claiming call call bus representative will be transferred into another pawn

And this one doesn't belongs to on demand

Better shut off line immediately

Next call

Maybe you got a true representative

Gangster cyber paw invaded Englewooter and Vennicce bus digital system three years

Also target at senior patriot driver

Inserted their south America pawn to a company like on demand

Stronger gangster organization

Until control all city bus system

___ use this way make employee late for job

Until be fired ....

Then south America pawn will grab the job which doesn't belongs to him

Grabbed working opportunity more and more

Until control all city career

When city bus system has been targeted by cyber security gangster organizer

Passanger will be

late for work two or three hours

Or wait several hours

Or be exchanged pickup position

Or be fooled by their pawn driver...

Or be inserted into wired people

Or found innocent juniors have been targeted in same bus .....

Cyber attacker can put two Christain passengers into same bus

Then their gangster maybe grabbed enforcement working opportunity whom hate America will play carribian trick among junior or senior patriot

Organizer of gangster will harmful any America city gradually

They select bus security system

Invaded it

Set trespassing upon passengers

Target at anybody they hate

Because they only loyalty to organizer

No faith and loyalty to God

God bless America

They are target at America

Technology pawn come from giant amount travel ant ball

Against all city's regular law and constitution of America

Showed muscle to city and states

Chapter two

race balance of company

Any country of this globe

When race and population structure amount are out of balance

Nature rule is hurting

Artificially hurt

It is a big carribian trick weaken America!!

Bullying Cascussian at work will become a very common phenomenon

Reversed racist attitude is gangster pawn want

What is called _ bullying and reversed racist gangsters organization

Tiny honest Christain employee usually is easy to be targeted at by gungster pawn

I got target from Haitians gangster in this building of assisted

When this country

Artificially concentrated enough labor from all global

Gangster group will definitely bully un_ gangster

They need to control the company

Usually their system will grab hiring manager position and middle class

12 to 13 dollar per hour

Work 8 to 12 hours schedule

Morning have 30 minutes break time

I have to use it do cleaning job and do subwear __ without any payments

Even I was trying to finish my work 80 folks subwear

This Haidian gangster didn't go to dishwasher spot took what her need

Directly came into big dinning room

Grabbed my 80 folks prepared for 40 resident

This named _ any gangster illegal immigrant from south America can bully mostly weakest American citizen

In work

When border crosser is trying to live in America

Their organization is trying to control all city of America

Weaker border crosser will gang up bully most weakest group __ America domestic Cascussian individual Christian

Gangster pawn heart is growing 'hate and using ' seed

Hate construction

Use this big country border policy

In this economic inflation time

12 dollars per hour paystub is equals to

7_ 8 dollars per hour


Life cost raised

It reflects this kitchen don't care small employee

They only protect gangsters pawn from south America

It called _ reversed racist attitude

The most tiny employee without gangster background

Facing the pressure of being squeezed although work hard

It is nowadays America

But mealfeance power controlled company and institutions

Covert gangster pawn system let it stronger in America

They need America pay stubs

Their organizer needs to control all city buildings like assisted

It brings high profit in economy

Most weakness could be senior and hard worker honest

What is the working bullying I experienced today

Maybe not a simple bullying but arranged by organizer

An employee named' Al ' whom quit his job went to other city

Todays kitchen

Two employees need to fill three employees(85 percent) job

A care giver has been filled' A' 's 15 percent work)

_Cleaned up small dinning room 6 tables

Wrapped 18 subwear

I take care big dinning room 60 senior residents tables

After lunch

Served two dinning room beverage

Delivered food

Moved all wheelchair out

Filled dirty dishes for dishwasher


Reset 60 spot wine glass and cup


I need to make 45 subwear 90 folks in short term

Two kitchen employees do three person job

Every minute be filled

Make sure of next session lunch and dinner completed

Make sure beverage for both dinning room and refilled



And dinner time won't be late

Make sure clean utensils are ready to be set for lunch and dinner

Two dinning room

60 to 80 residents

Usually need to set two dishwasher position

We only have one

Lost one dietary aid yesterday

Added a bully face make trouble on purpose

bullying my personal work

Three times heavy load than her

Do you think it is come from wise management?

Dishwasher burdens three people job

Served two dinning room coffee and tea

We shared three people 's work

Need not fill empty position

Use a temporary woman

After enjoyed her lunch

Then rushed into my face

I didn't eat lunch

That is why I started my subwear work earlier

bullying heavy loading employee

Without any logic

Does it come from insidious pawn or her nature?

Employee of kitchen stared from 5:45 am to 7:00 pm

Everyday 12 to 14 hours

When they get up it's dark

When they back home sun is hide out

Two dinning rooms


One dishwasher handle all

Almost 50 to 80 wheelchairs

Moved in moved out

Still take care three times coffee and tea for two dinning room

All kitchen cleaning job

All dishes and floor sanitizer

And filled the one whom quit job today

When an employee left or be fired

The lowest will loading more

Still be bully at work

It proves degree of insidious gangster power

Labor is getting cheaper

Gangster can get benefit from other

The most lowest income level small employee

Be extracted

Be bullying

Like I experienced

Be set wine glass shard conspiracy


Afraid of be stolen by gangster paw

Employee of kitchen has no staff cabinet

Monitoring eyes build up gangster system

Can insert to any building camera

Target at individual

Have no time for lunch today

Took eighty folks

Forty table knife and spoon and napkins

Going to make subwear for 15 tables

Small dinning room only need serve 17 resident

Big dinning room has 50 to 60 resident

She rushed grabbed my 80 folks

It is named a work bullying

When gangster exists

They are qualified to bully other race colors

Both in terms of race and amount they proud of raised

Let you can not finish your big dinning room job

Even you didn't eat lunch want to do your work

This named bullying at work

Depends same country gangster

This woman enjoyed her food time

That is why she is late for clean folks

She directly came to my work place


It named bullying at work

Why she doesn't care camera system

Pawn covered

Any company accumulated too many employees from same country

They don't speak English but their own language

Gangster crew can bully weakest people

After I clocked out

A lady gave me a warmly hug

God bless you

You are a very hard worker

She said