she says a little prayer
she was once blinded by her narcissistic ways;
Every narrative, she tried to change.
But who was she really? An imposter in true blue.
Words riddled across her eyes—
"You will not know you, until you know me; we are two."

On earth, her soul walked upon scorching fire;
her heart, fueled with anger, there is no traumatic experience, there was never an anchor.
No excuses did she have to tear others' hearts;
she dared to rip an angel apart.

You may think her to be insane; she's not perfect, and never will she claim. For with perfection, you don't change, she'd rather not stay the same.
she'd rather not stay chained, only watching others evolve. Eating the fruit of wisdom will drive any man insane.

You may think her to be a fool. she said a little prayer, throwing all that consumed her, lighting the devil a flare.
No longer does her imagination stick to her eyes;
because from beyond the clouds their is a way home
with the holy hands, she dares to write.

"With the hands of God, she can do anything.
God, give her your hands;
Place them on her life.
With your hands, she's able to run and not fall,
But get back up and stand tall.
God's hands prevail all;."

© starrose