Humpty Dumpty
Humpty Dumpty:

What else to say
An implosion
Off the biblical kind
She couldn’t contain it
So much self-doubt
The pain of life
Ganging up on her
Dazed and confused
She trusts no one
Not even herself
Caught in the spiral
The whirlwind
Formed in her mind
Her heart
Permanently offline
The self-destruct type
To many emotions
For one body to hold
Like a cichlid
Alone in the aquarium
Looking for the fight
Frustrated frustrations
Exasperation it follows
The pattern is clear
Life it’s not fair
Bitter and twisted
Why pick on me
Her usual mantra
A sacred utterance
With no spiritual intent
Always looking outward
She is never to blame
Her 3rd eye closed
And maybe permanently blind
Her suffering
Her disease
A cancer
Where enlightenment
Is the only cure
My love never seen
Let alone felt
Numbed by the dark
And never enough
Was it my job to fix her
Without losing myself
Impossible possibilities
I’m done with self-harm
She’s all set to explode
And self-destruct
Can I pick up the pieces
And like Humpty Dumpty
Put her together again
I’m no king’s horseman
But I’m willing to try
Yet the question remains
Would she allow

©the Dyslexic Poet™🎩
“your Ringmaster”

Original words and thoughts penned of heart & mind of:
©Warren Mace, A.k.a the Dyslexic Poet™🎩
Art courtesy of: @pinterest

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