Hi good ladies and gentlemen of this world. I haven’t been around much I know. I’ve been working on my 1st ever book what would be the best way to put it here as it’s quite long chapter by chapter or the whole book on on go.

This is the title and a brief outline of what the book is about any help on this matter would be gratefully appreciated

The deal
How far would you go for 5 million pound. Each contestant in the game was asked.
Each could turn up in the mansion take a million and walk away no risk. A million pound free just for turning up. Or they could face a battle of wills and their own sanity in a dangerous game where nothing was guaranteed and only one would walk away with the whole 5 million.
Each contestant had to agree unanimously one way or the other. Not one could walk away if four wanted to play and each contestant had their reasons for wanting the five million.

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