Love of life
love is just infinity
if you love someone
your heart can say
lubdub the moment you
can say my love here
I can hide in front of love
the way i see in my heart
the end of the moon.
Till the light of dark
the moon will say,
shine and bright always
I watching you today,tomorrow
till the end of my life.
I can see my heart feel
the way i'm think of you
love is not a think of people
love is understand,show the
right path of you're love .
Don't listen negative thoughts
you can be the best person
in someone's life be the one
love is just like air we can feel,
breath caught by nose
feel by heart,hear by ear
seen by eyes,steps followed
by your way of love lifetime
emotionally connected
to someone who loves you
these universe can't help you
love is just eternal destiny.
You can do righteous path
in your life be the best love
in these world love is connected to two person
but it can connected so many
connection to go forward
accept the relations in life
do the best part of yours
destiny can show ultimate
lifetime relationships outside
enjoy the momentous with
your loved ones always smile
be the smile of your people
happiest moment when you
see the smile in yours people
face the jovial lifetime achieve
life is one so,be the one loved
by others in a good mood.
Love is not a word processing
of your lifetime feeling of deep affection can create ,
a memories in your life .
Share the love and the love
returns to you all day and
night till the universe end
loved by others it's god gift
never misuse the life of god
create something inspired
by others it can stay century .

© dhanu.365