I had a dream
Envelop me in the gentle embrace of love's tapestries,
Where symphonies of simple beauty serenade our souls.
Let us discover similes that dance upon this canvas,
For this has been my sole longing, my only wish.

Like-minded spirits, unburdened, find solace here,
In a tranquil realm of uncluttered thoughts we reside.
Where words are rays of the sun, warming our conversations,
In this sanctuary of luminous speech, we bask in brilliance.

Your majesty, a reflection of the divine's image,
Woven in threads of elegance and grace, you shine.
With threads of wisdom, stitched into our very being,
We are beings overflowing with completeness and purity.

Novelty, akin to fresh Sundays bathed in melody,
Holds us captive with its harmonious allure.
I seek a brighter existence, and thus I beseech,
Could you, with your words, craft me a path anew?

For I have trudged through life's thick molasses,
In search of myself, a journey both slow and arduous.
Yet amidst the crowds, I've learned a precious truth,
That amidst the masses, I can find my own light.

A treasure like diamond gold, sparkling just for me,
A chosen one, the day I aspire to find.
This path can be solitary, a lonely road to traverse,
Yet hope and faith are steadfast companions, by my side.

When hearts align as one, the rope of wholeness unravels,
Guiding us to see the truth that lies within.
Your vision, my friend, is your greatest wealth,
Your soul's currency, your eternal fund.
© Saint Mace

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