Beginning my day as always preparing to depart,
and embark on a new journey and perhaps start.
Upon the road to my destiny which is yet undiscovered,
as signs that before weren't visible become uncovered.

Showing new directions in which I might travel,
some upon blacktop while others made of gravel.
Each having their own special charm and grace,
to draw my interest with passion born of space.

Glowing like a star shining in the darkest night,
when hope can't be seen anywhere within sight.
Being a sign of what's waiting for me in the future,
where it's possible to become part of the cure.

Healing this world with words written poetically,
to show people what they need to exist artistically.
As part of a society which doesn't nurture hate,
but willing to defend freedom if called by fate.

Joining together for the sake of everyone's concern,
especially for generations yet to have their turn.
Without having a choice offered for their purview,
while those who're less deserving are given true.

In a universe created from cosmic dust and desire,
everybody should be allowed to grow and aspire.
If by some chance this dream comes into being,
then my spirit will remain surely as angels sing.

© Renopoet